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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trophytkr, Feb 11, 2002.

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    :angel: Once again I'm new at this and am in process of ordering my equipment. Do you guys think i should buy a self propeled push mower for trimming or just a regular push mower? I am buying a White 21 inch 6.5 hp for trimming and not sure which way to go. My other mowers for starting out are a 21 hp white garden tractor with 46 inch cut for jobs like rolling aerating thatching fall clean up. My primary grass cutter will be a White ztr 21hp with a 46 inch deck. Would like to buy bigger, better equipment as I go along. Once again guys thanks for the input!:blob1:
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    see my reply to may seem pricey....but when you drive one and compare the bag removal to TORO and its' tracking, you'll want one...this is an example of you get what you pay for

    Gary on Central PA
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    Start out with a walk behind with a velke....most likely cheaper than that ZTR can get a Exmark Metro 48" for around 2,500 bucks as for the push I would go with the non self propelled and get the lightest model you can find. I got one at Lowe's for $85.00 its got a 3.5 hp briggs its light as a feather I can go quicker than a self propelled for less than half the price.

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