Self-Propelled: Snapper vs Lawnboy

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Darryll, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Darryll

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    Because I mow on hills, I'm in need of a 2 cycle self-propelled lawn mower. I considering either the Snapper Hi Vac with rear bag, 4HR Robin, 2 cycle, with 6 speed disc drive at a cost of $799 or Lawnboy's Silver variable speed self propelled, with 6.5 Duraforce 2 cycle, rear bag at a costs of $378 or the Gold, 6.5 Duraforce 2 cycle, easy strider self-propelled with rear bag at a cost of $478. I have used Snapper's self propelled mowers for over 10 years and they are great. I don't know much about Lawnboy's self-propelled systems and they seem cheap though I have not tested them. I really like Lawnboys prices but I like Snapper's overall quality of the vacuuming of clippings and the self propelled 6 gear disc. I just think $799 is too expensive for 21-self-propelled mower although it's considered commercial. I will be only using the mower to cut close to my house, on hills, and places where my tractor can't go. I am on over an acre lot and I am looking for something that is durable. Please give me some sound advise as to what to do. Thanks.
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    Go with the lawnboy commercial mower you will not be disappointed and the price is right. My dealer talks hiughly of them and I would trust him with my life!

  3. Darryll

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    Thanks for your response. However, the Lawnboy mowers that I mentioned earlier are for homeowners use only and are not commerical. Only the Snapper mower with the 4HP Robin engine is commercial. So, can you clarify your recommendation? Thanks. Does anyone know or have any comments about the 4 HP Robin engine?
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    I have both snapper and lawnboys. Guess which machine my workers will grab first.

    They like the lawnboys better because they are lighter and once you get use to the staggered wheel setup, easier to turn directions.

    The self propulsion system are sometimes weak. however, they do last a long time if you follow manufacture recommendations. I would give the lawnboys a try. Extra's I would think about: mulching fan and mulching plug. I can get some other pro's and ask them if this yard was mulch and they can't tell.

    Been using lawnboys for over 30 years. There things with other machines that are better than lawnboys. However, as overall general use mower, you can't go wrong. By the way, 2 cycle mowers are being phased out. If you can get one now, do it. Toro is the parent company of Lawnboy. They bought O.M.C. out for their commercial engines. However, they let lawnboy go to pots over their toro machines.


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