Sell large dump trailer for 650/6500 size dump truck??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KrayzKajun, Oct 26, 2013.

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    You are a new company and sometimes you only get on shot to prove yourself to be a reputable company. It would suck if they called upon you and you weren't able to deliver. I hire subs all the time and the minute they screw something up or cant deliver I forget their names real quick. You don't want that to happen to you because once you get a bad reputation it is really hard to fix.
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    His deck over will carry just about any machine he could get. The very largest bobcats are not worth the money over the 770s.marginally more horsepower but a lot heavier.
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    Very good point here. If i hire someone and they cant deliver , i will get them to leave the job site write them a cheque for the portion they did and throw there business card away.

    You are much better to get the proper equipment to do the job then a trailer that can haul 2 pieces of the wrong equipment to the job at the same time.

    I know it can be confusing and exciting at first , but believe me jacob it is much better to relax and do one thing at a time. Go buy the right machine ( not a piece of junk that will fall apart on the job site) make some money with it, and buy the proper truck and trailer combo that will suit your needs for the future not just for a few months. (ie - rolloff or dump truck ) and dont burn your pickup out . The amount you will pay for repairs ( brakes,transmissions, and front end parts -Ive been there with almost the same truck) adds up real quick.

    You are doing amazing with getting the proper contacts, and hooking the right jobs. Dont loose money with rushed purchases on equipment , trailers, trucks etc.
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    BINGO!!! I'll say the samething, we're in business to make money, not buying other people problems. I like to buy and not worry about if I have to fix this or not. Buy with the intent of not worrying about fixing things. Maybe on the long haul. (But keep in mind new or newer things brake as well but less to worry about.) Thumbs Up
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    Bro stay focused. If you cant afford truck insurance how are you going to throw money away on a lift and bumper? Whens the last time a lifted truck made more money than a stocker?
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    It's just my opinion and my opinion alone, but around here guys with "blinged" out trucks have their own reputation. I prefer to keep my work trucks for work, and personal truck for "show" or whatever else.

    I've also known a few guys with 3/4, 1 tons that have went with the "show" wheels and got a load behind them only to have the wheel bust from not being able to handle the load and lack of 10 ply tires.

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    I think it looks unprofessional to have a loud jacked up truck as your work truck. And as soon as you do any of that to a truck the value and functionality goes way down. And most guys running those are fly by nights or low ballers around here anyways. I never understand why guys buy these expensive one tons and try to pull 35ft 20k goosenecks around all day and wonder why they don't last. They all think getting a cdl is like a death sentence. You are never going to get anywhere without a dump truck if you are going to do excavating on any scale and buying an "under cdl truck" is a waste of time. Even the lawn and landscape guys around here are buying 4 door f650 and intl 4300 for their crews.
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  8. whiffyspark

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    F650s are under Cdl. We had 750s at 25,999. And int 4400s
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  9. Duffster

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    Because they are under CDL. :laugh:
  10. Hollowellreid

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    100% agree with this- we use commercial trucks (not pickups) for the work we do....we aren't there to look flashy or ride around but rather get some work done.

    Figure out what you really need or want the most, then find the best deal you can on the pieces. I don't think there is anything wrong with used equipment, but be willing to travel! We just bought a new truck in NY, I'll fly there and drive it back to Michigan. The internet makes all of this possible....take advantage.

    The nice thing about used setup is you can try something out...if it works out or you love it get a new one in the future. Used allows you to 'get out of' something if it doesn't work the way you intended.

    either way i'd follow RJ's advice and try to really narrow down what you need and make it happen.

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