Sell me on a good hybrid work shoe/boot

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Having a very hard time finding the Lawngrips boots that I like so much, in the size I need. So I may have to go away from them.

    Looking for recommendations on a replacement. Here is what I want: a nice light boot that is good for general work (landscaping, mowing, etc). Don't really want over 6" height, the less boot in the summer heat the better. Not looking for heavy clod hoppers. In fact, I have seen a few hybrid work 'shoes' out there that fit almost like a tennis shoe, but have a steel toe, reinforced sides, etc. Waterproof would be good but not absolutely essential (water resistant ok just don't want soaking wet feet the first lawn I step on). Hopefully yall get the picture - in summary looking for as light of shoe/boot as possible yet still protect whats necessary.

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    I wear keen boots very comfortable, good warranty, if something happens to them they'll give you free pair no questions asked. I've been wearing them for years.
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    This might not help, but I wear "Golf" shoes first thing in the morning, there the only shoe that will keep my feet dry, I change socks and put on walmart boots when everything is dry.
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    I wear Keen cuz they're very lightweight,have a wide platform(atleast the style I wear does),water proof 100%,have a rugged sole pattern to prevent slippage on wet grass and they're very comfortable. Mine are the 6" for more ankle support
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    Red Wings. They are expensive, but at the end of the day my feet thank them. Never have had an issue with my feet getting wet and they are very very comfortable.
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    Keen here also, dry feet all day and no sore feet or knees. Mine are waterproof to about 4 inches which is nice in the spring.
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