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  1. allprogreens

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    All Pro Industries – NEW Synthetic Golf Green Install Training Video

    This NEW Step-By-Step Training video shows the installation of a 735 sq. ft. green with fringe that was installed at a local high school.

    The 15 minute video includes:
    • Step-By-Step Installation
    • How To Cut Your Labor By 80%
    • Tips & Secrets From Contractors


  2. allprogreens

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    Once you have watched the training video please call and we will send you the following information:

    • Samples of the putting green turf
    • Comprehensive literature
    • A color brochure
    • Our 30 page full-color “Golfscaper” contractor magazine
    • Our 32 page full color “Golfscapes” pictorial magazine
    • Wholesale pricing
    • The step-by-step installation DVD of a 24' x 24' green
    • A 50% off shipping gift certificate

    The information comes in a 3 pound package and is sent Priority Mail - Delivered within 3 days

    There is a postage charge of $9.95 due to the weight of the package. If you purchase from us the $9.95 will be credited to your first order.



  3. ALC-GregH

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    That's a nice niche you have going. Guess you'd want to try and sell these installs to a golfer. :) Looks great.....
  4. kaferhaus

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    We'd lynch the school board here it they spent that kind of money on fluff.. They waste enough money on trips and seminars as it is and then complain about "funding".

    Excellent product and we looked into it awhile back but the market is soft for those kind of luxury items right now.

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