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sell your busines???!!!


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$28,000 for all equipment, and two old GMC's

$53,000 For all equipment, and accounts. Extra $5,000 for my name.

I could get moe if I sold all the equipment separately. Not so for the accounts, probably couldn't get more than 2months revenue for the accounts.

The only way I would sell everything is if I had somthing else off the ground.

I figure I could get around $30,000 for my equipment if I sold it all separatley.

You definitelty couldn't buy equipment like that for under $35,000


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Hawkeye country
Mines priceless I'm just having to damn much fun :cool2:


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It's true...Rod sleeps on more money each night than most of the guys on LS claim to make..LOL..He had to buy a bigger mattress last year.Isn't that right, Rod?:p I'm ready to go from a queen bed to a California King myself:D Happy Turkey day, all!!