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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by locutus, Apr 6, 2004.

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    I read a lot of threads on this site about "lowballers" etc. I have never lost a client to a lowballer. I have had really aggressive lowballers attempt to snake clients from me for less than half of what I charge. Thank goodness, that I have customers that can see through the B.S. and realize that they have not only bought lawncare in general, but in a more personal way, have purchased me. If this sounds like I have "pimped" myself to my clients, so be it, this philosphy has served me well. Anyone else have similar expriences?
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    Well put Locutus!!!!!!
  3. matthew horner

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    see my reply in letter to my congressman. Like minded, we are.
  4. KL Squared

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    Very nicely said. Sales is more than price and serivce. The customere first and foremost buys form a person that they trust. Money is most times secondary. The biggest problem that I have wih people venting about low ballers is that they come across as if the low baller attacked them personally. It is just business. Some people build a business built upon low price and others build a business upon quality, personable service. I have done both over the years. I have found that the customers that have stayed with me over the past years are the one's whom have bought me not the price. Almost to a man all of the accounts I initially had that I got from low balling eventually dropped me the first time I tried to raise the price to a more fair wage. I have learned my lessons the hard way. So I close once again remphasing, the customer buys the saler more than the price. Pimp yourself, give quality service, and keep your word at all times and low ballers will never be a big concern.

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