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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firedog2710, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. firedog2710

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    i am selling a 48 inch toro proline with less than 100 hours. it's a gear drive, fixed deck walk-behind. i bought it new in october 2003 to use last year. i like mowing grass, but my wife is pregnant and she just doubled her salary at her job and i don't need to have a second income anymore. i do however need to stay at home with my five-year old and soon-to-be newborn. the mower is in very good condition with no rust or damage except scratching on the sides of the deck (fence scraping, etc.). 5 forward speeds with reverse. i greased the zerks when needed per the owner's manual. i installed an hour meter when i bought it. i've kept maintenance records. i was the only who used it. it was kept in a garage when not in use. i haven't winterized it, but i have been taking it off the trailer about once a week and running it and engaging the blades, etc. none of the tires leak. belts are in good shape. what i need to know is, how much should i ask for it? :help:
  2. firedog2710

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    i forgot to add that it has a 15 HP kawasaki motor and that i have the original purchase receipt and all the owner's manuals including the vhs tape that came with it.
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    If you enjoy cutting grass,even just a little bit.....I would think about it a little before selling it.......with the wife expecting,a little extra $ always comes in handy>if I didn't need the money I would consider keeping it for a off day I had off and mow a couple.....releive stress and make a buck :waving:
  4. Fareway Lawncare

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    Had you purchased a 48"TracerHP, you may Well Have Been Supporting Your Wife.
  5. pottstim

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    This isn't a bad idea at all, Firedog. I would take this into consideration. As long as the mower is paid for and not costing you anything, why not keep it? Mowing a few on a Saturday would get you out of the house for a bit, and you would get paid for it to boot! BTW, I have the same exact mower that you do. Best of luck.
  6. mowerpower

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    Are you going to sell the trimmer and blower too ? Let me know how much you want for each item.
  7. firefish7414

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  8. firedog2710

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    i will let you know as soon as i figure it out.
  9. firedog2710

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    i thought about doing lawns here and there. the only problem is that people want them done every week, on the same day, etc. i originally started because i wanted something to do on my days off and it worked out quite well. i have 17 residential accounts that are weekly during spring and early summer and every other week late summer to early fall that range from $20 to $35 (btw, i would be interested in selling those also). fareway lawncare: i have turned down several accounts because this is not my full-time job. are you trying to say that the toro is not fast enough or something? mowerpower: sorry, i am keeping the blower and trimmer to use at my house. they're just too nice compared to the poulans i was used to and i could probably only get about $250 to $300 for them together. lawncare4u: the money is not the issue. i'm actually using the proceeds for parts to rebuild the motor in my '72 camaro. i'm not getting out of the biz completely. i do plan on continuing to fertilize, hedge trim, overseed, etc. because these are all things that get done once or twice a season and i can wait to do them on nice days when i'm off work. another problem i have is this last summer i was turning down overtime at the firehouse(about $650 per shift) because that was the day i was mowing (i averaged about $200 those days). so if you look at those weeks that i turned down overtime, i was actually losing money. i do appreciate the encouragement from everyone, though. :drinkup:

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