Selling a lawn business/accounts

Hello- i know this topic has come up many times and everyone has their own opinion. I would like to just hear from someone who has ACTUALLY DONE IT. How did you figure up the value? What was the final sale price?

I have approx 130 residentail accounts i want to sell. I can include equipment with it. I am going all commercial from here on out. Total monthly revenue just for the residential is a little over 10k per month. I live in coastal south Carolina and we have an 8 month lawn season plus leaf clean up all winter. I am thinking about 35k without equipment, 45k with. Equipment that i am willing to part with is worth about 10k. I am way out of bounds? Too high? Too low? I would appreciate feedback from someone who has experience buying and selling. Thank you


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Upstate NY
10k per month in revenue with 130 accounts? Is there a lot of biweekly cuts there? What's your average $ per lawn?

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