selling aeration AND overseeding in the spring

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by djlunchbox, Feb 25, 2011.

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    **Slight correction** - Actually 3 pass with a Lawn Solutions Stander or 21" WB will yield slightly more plugs in 3 passes than a double pass with a Plugr 8xx or Ryan 28.
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    How about this scenario?

    A client has a moderate mole problem, the turf needs to be rolled. His lawn is patchy from the bad root system caused by the mole infestation.

    Should I:
    Roll lawn
    Areate ( rolling will compact the soil)
    top dress?

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    I have a similar ?
    Customer has a decent yard about 20,000sq ft... It's a little thin as it's an older lawn...called asking me to reseed
    He's located in southern pa... What's the best course to take...plug aerate and then power/slit sleed or just slit seed w/o has been a wet past few days and not expecting anymore frost or snow
    I'd rather do it in the fall but hes set on reseeding trying to thicken up his yard
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    Lawns should be getting stronger and fuller with deep inpenetrable root system with age. Not thinning because of age.

    If the Old lawn is thin, it is probably becuz of 'real thatch' not dead grassblades but a thick layer of living and dead roots and stems growing above the soil...

    Too correct the situation and try to get some new grass to grow, first thing is too slit-seed and hopefully cover with compost or even black peat...

    No fertilizer, no pre-m until later...
  5. RSMProperty

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    So no dethatching...just slit seed ?
    How do you suggest applying the peat? How much etc
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    The idea of covering with compost or peat is to increase the level of growing medium for the seedling in the case of too much real thatch. Also the compost would help to break down the dead material in the real thatch, invigorating growth in the soil to a greater degree...

    I distribute compost from a wheel barrow, by flailing with my hand, using the same motion as one would creating a wave of water in a pool. Nothing fancy, but quick easy distribution... :)
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    So just slit seed then distribute peet by hand enough to pretty much make the lawn look dirty too much I feel would knock down the grass already there
    He wants his entire lawn done
    Im gonna tell him now is not the best time but if that's what he wants I will accommodate but can't guarantee anything
    Should I dethatch before slit seeding?
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