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Selling everything you'll need to start a small lawn-care business!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ralph84, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. ralph84

    ralph84 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 17


    Hello all! I'm considering selling everything I own. I'm a VERY honest person so I will tell you everything about the items and any defects I know about that they have. I won't lie to you just to sell this stuff.

    I'd like to sell it all at the same time. If this doesn't end up happening, or if, say, individuals are interested in all of it at the same time, I'll sell it individually, but if there's only one post in here just asking for the edger, I'm not likely to take it very soon.

    There are a few items:

    1 Truck, 1996 Dodge RAM 1500 V6.------- $2600

    Truck will need a bit of work. I've done quite a bit of work to it since I picked it up, it needed transmission work, ball-joint work, a new water pump, and battery cables, all of which I replaced.

    Everything else on the truck is mechanically sound, save for the computer, which is going out, and will need to be replaced. The truck will occasionally cut itself off due to the computer, and you have to get out and jiggle the computer wires. It's a pain, but the computer is easy to replace if you've got one for the make and model.

    Cosmetically, the exterior and interior are both rugged, it used to be a Department of Public Works truck and the bumper is solid but dented (it pulls my trailer just fine). The seat is torn up on the drivers' side, and the interior looks pretty old and sad. The radio doesn't put out sound, for what reason I don't know because it turns on, but makes no noise at all.

    The blinkers just stopped working a few days ago, I believe it's a blown fuse. I may get this fixed myself. I'll let y'all know.

    1 Trimmer, Redmax, only used a few times.------ $300
    1 Edger, Redmax, only used a few times. ------ $300
    1 Blower, Redmax, only used a few times.------ $300

    These three items were purchased in March of this year and are still under their warranty from Redmax, which is their standard two-year warranty. They have each been used only a few times a piece and have been kept inside every night since their purchase.

    The trimmer is the first in the Commercial line, as is the blower (it was the smallest, and since I'm 5'5", I picked it), and the Edger is the Standard Commercial one. Edger is curved at the end and Trimmer is straight-shaft.

    1 Lesco 36" Walk-Behind mower, around 10 years old.------$700

    This mower was purchased from its original owner, who said it was kept in a garage the whole time he owned it. It starts first try every time, however it goes slowly or even stops at times, which I believe is due to the tension in the drive pulley. This is most likely an easy fix for someone more knowledgeable about mowers than myself. The mower cuts well, but doesn't have a mulching kit. It has a small bag you can use to put trash or whatever else in as you cut.

    The muffler is busted, which is not essential, but would be around $150 to replace.

    Toolset, Craftsman, and toolbox, with various tools and a tire-repair kit.------$150

    I bought a 154-piece toolset from Sears. It's got everything I've ever needed in it for maintenance or just everyday tool needs. Just to let you know, I spent at least $200 on all of this and it has only been used a few times total. The tire kit has not been used.

    4'x6' Trailer ------$450

    This trailer is in near-perfect condition, save for one of the tires going low slowly. It happens so slowly that it takes weeks for it to look low again after being filled. It comes with a spare trailer tire and a lock. The trailer has tall steel mesh sides on it so nothing will fall off of it!

    Thank you for reading this, and if you live in Baton Rouge, feel free to call me to come by and take a look at any of it.
  2. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 10,737

    any pics of the walkbehind

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