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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ditta&Sons, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Ditta&Sons

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    next year I will definitely try the 'buy 3 and get one free' special deal. Right now, however, I'm looking for other ways to beef up my sales figures and I think fert apps are a great way to do that without having to commit too much time to new work.
    If i could declare in the ad that a certain square footage lot would be X amount of dollars, I could also avoid the time spent to view the property and take measurements by giving the client an idea of how much it will cost.
    I am pricing a 5000 square foot lot at $40 for a fert app. I buy the fert at $20-30 for 55lb bags, depending on NPK rate. I thought this was a fair price to charge, any thoughts? Am I too low?
  2. Exact Rototilling

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    There is company in my area that gives away free fert on the first visit.

    The entire price per application is a tough sell. Many folks immediately go into bean count mode and want to pick and choose.

    I basically sell the entire a package. I don't want clients who scalp mow down below 2.5", water ever evening, refuse to have their lawn aerated because it was already done 5 years ago.

    I'm only interested in upselling a package bundled deal. My lawns that I control are head and shoulders better than their neighboring lawns. :)
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    I think you're a bit low. We do a 1.6 markup on fert (not sure what quantity you buy in, but we buy bulk and are able then to charge this markup). That would put you at $32 t $48 dollars per bag, just in product cost on a one bag lawn. You've then got to cover your labor as well.

    Also, alot of guys charge a minimum service call charge to spread (usually an hour charge even if it only takes 15 minutes to spread).
    I take my time spreading, hand sprinkle corners (i use organic), and I also go over everything twice from different angles to get an even spread. Looks way better once its kicked in.

    I think you could definitely stand to charge some more.
  4. Ditta&Sons

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    Thanks for your opinions guys, I appreciate it
  5. HBFOXJr

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    Aw geez guys, do it like the big boys and just charge by the app. Avg the cost and make it easy for the consumer. Trust me you can do it. $40 for 5k and materials eat 25%-38% of your sales price? Get a handle on your complete costs of doing business. Then develop sales pricing to recover costs and generate a profit.
  6. TMN Guy

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    Find out what your competition is doing, find their angle and see if it is something you can do for a comparable price. If it is, be competitive and match their price.

    This past spring, it seemed like I was getting a fertilizer app ad in the mail every day. I kept each one just in case I wanted to add that service later on.
  7. Ditta&Sons

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    TMN Guy, great advise. I was told by a new customer, that her price was $400 for 4 treatments per year for about 8k sq ft. of lawns. I can beat that price into the ground and make a good profit on labour and product

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