Selling firewood roadside in Texas?

Discussion in 'Firewood' started by cgrant711, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. cgrant711

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    I started thinking last night how profitable selling bundled firewood could be. My only problem is I don't have any, nor do I have the equipment to process it. So I gave it a little thought and decided I could buy a cord on Cl and just bundle it up and sell it out of my pick up. Not to sure how well it will work but I figure I could get about 150 or more bundles out of a cord and sell them for $4-$5 a piece. So with that, I bought a full cord this morning for $235 delivered and it should be here today but it might get here tomorrow since the guy was kind of busy. I know some of the guys think $235 is a lot but that was the best deal I could find around here, plus I expect to get about $400-$600 from it after it's sold. And if it doesn't sell, the worst that happens is I'm gonna have enough wood for the next year or so. My question is do you think I can just sell it out of my truck along the side of the road or will I get in trouble? I'm not sure if I'll get run off or not. I checked but couldn't find anything on selling firewood in my city. I found a empty lot right next to a home depot and lowes and I'm gonna call the guy that owns it and ask if I can park there and sell firewood, just in case cops show up, I'll say I have permission, so they don't think I'm trespassing.
  2. zwhit81

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    dont see why you can't sell it as long as you have the ok to be on the lot. If you live in a high income area you may be able to get more money by doing deliveries one day per week. Some people don't want to put firewood in their BMW!
  3. Landrus2

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    Best place would be to sell out of your home. You can advertise on local paper and have delivery available:waving:
  4. cgrant711

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    Thanks. Ya, I'm going to bundle the wood up with string but if people don't buy it because they don't want to put it in their car, I might buy stretch wrap to bundle it then. I probably will deliver if people want to buy a lot. I'm also going to sell it out of my home forgot to add that, but I'm just going to put a sign out front.
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  5. zwhit81

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    Here the really money maker is selling it at gas stations. Maybe you could talk to a local gas station and offer them $1 for every bundle sold. Here they build little racks to put it in and some wrap it. It is really popular where their is a campsite or state park near by.
  6. Brock99

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    Great idea
  7. Rubicon_Joey

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    I see a lot of that around here(western KY) but, there are also a ton of pallet mills and other various logging operations that fill those racks. I would imagine it would be pretty hard to compete with their pricing if you don't have the equipment.
  8. Midnight Rider

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    I started this last year. Fortunately my service area is in one of the richest counties in the nation. I'm buying a 4x8 stack for $40 picked up. I take my dump trailer to pick up 3 stacks at a time. I bundle it right off the trailer and always keep a few bundles with me in the truck in case some one wants some delivered. I have it on my website and people can order and pay right there. Most want it just for an evening by the fireplace or the patio firepit with a glass of wine or a beer or two. I advertise my bundles as bigger than the gas station bundles WITH DELIVERY.

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