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    guys, help and oldtimer on selling applications of merit to my fert. applications customer .

    2.wording?(i am going to make up post cards on this new print shop program)

    3.application start date(i am in n.j.)

    4.what type of guarantee to give them?
    thanks ant
    kerby were are you help!!!!!!!
  2. suncity

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    I inform the customer that Merit works systemicaly
    and as such takes out the guess work of using contact
    pesticides. I also tell them that it will require two
    applications two months apart. Merit is a great product
    not only because it works this way but the ld50(toxicity)
    for mammals is much lower than say diazinon. As the grubs
    eat the roots of the grass they are quickly killed. I think
    within two hours. I have used this for the past couple of
    years and have experienced excellent results. Also let
    them know its much cheaper than replacing the grass.
    as for pricing i let them know it is an expensive chemical
    and as such i charge more for this. You should work out
    your overhead and determine what is your breakeven point
    and work from there.

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