Selling my Business?


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I have owned a lawncare / snow removal business for over 20 years and have done quite well at it....... however I have started an other business and have decided to slowly get out of this line of work.

I don't want to sell the business as one large peice..... but rather as my new business grows.... sell of the lawn/ snow business one job or route at a time.....

I have many years experience in this business..... but have never looked at selling before.

My question is what is the industry standard for seling a job / route?

I want to sell 2 of my factory accounts this spring so I will only have mid size commercial / residential jobs left.

I should point out I only do lawn mowing at these accounts.

I feel since I have been in the business many years and most of my cleints are long term jobs...... I deserve a fair payout...... that's where you guys come in..... any input or do you know of any guides/books for this feild???

Also is there a diffrence between selling lawn jobs and snow jobs?



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Why get out if it is successful why not find a way to get employees running it and you will still be in charge. Grow it don't sell out.


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I don't want to come off rude.... but that's my business and not the question....

To be perfectly honest.... I have found the lawn and more so the snow business... hard on a family life.... I'm sick of working 80hrs a week....

I can make twice as much in 1/2 the time with 1/2 of the overhead with my new business

It's not about the money.... it's about being able to provide for my family and actually be able to spend time with them.

Getting others to work for me and take care of the lawn business does not work for me..... it's still more work any way you look at it..... I've had workers before and it was a nightmare......

Sorry for the rant.....

I just want out.

So back to my question ..... whats a fair % when it comes to selling good long term jobs?

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