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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CelticGreens, Apr 25, 2005.

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    hey guys,

    unfortunately, my 1985 F-350 dump has become too much of a liability for me to fix. it isn't worth putting more money in it to get it running for this season. I am a college student and do this part time. one of my good friends has just started an LCO and we agreed that i would sell them to him. i have between 20-25 accounts, ranging from $25/week to $51/week. how would i go about setting a selling price for him. do you guys have any ideas or suggestions? thanks any help would be great.
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    Ask for 3 - 4 cuts....
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    If you have no choice but to sell them and have to sell them now. Then the biggest factor will be what your friend is willing to pay. With that said, I would figure how much they cost you to obtain (marketing and time cost) and try to find out what his cost per customer is (his marketing and time). Try to come up with a slightly higher number then what his/your cost per customer is. The fact that they are ready made are worth a lot. If you guys have low marketing cost then I would do as said and ask for 4 cuts. If the market is tight and they are nice accounts then be sure to get your money worth.
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    Would you wanna sell your dump ? mail me if so

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