Selling my Company!! Check out what I have for sale or buy me out?


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Chicago, IL.
I have sold a lot of equipment as of today and this is what I have left over and willing to sell for at the bottom dollars!!

37 Lawn Contracts for $15,000 ($60,000 per 32 week season Gross + Landscaping profits over $125,000
I took home $35,000

2005 Ford F450 Diesel 4x4 ext cab 9 ft dump bed with pro plus western 9 ft plow 85,000 miles $25,000
2005 Ford F350 Diesel 4x4 single cab 8 ft bed with liner, and plow kit. No plow 78,000 miles $16,000
2010 Scag WildCat 61" Rider 27 hp kawaski liquid cooled engine with grass catcher 450 hours $8,000
2009 Great Dane 36" Walk beind hydro with scamper and grass catcher under 500 hours $3,300
2011 Toro walk behind with grass catcher $250
2011 Plate Compactor $600
2011 Concrete Saw 14" blade Stihl $800

+ marketing list of 1,500 customers (emails, first/last names, address, phone numbers) that I paid for using $28,000 we can discuss.

Total Price for contracts and all equipment with marketing list $95,800

If you buy this from me with this price I will throw in my extra 15 pallets of pavers for free of charge just for doing business with you! Belgard Cobble stone red pavers that were going to be used on my patio this year but not anymore! Value of $6,250

Feel free to shoot me an email via lawn site and I will respond within 24 hours of receiving it!