Selling my daily driver... 09 Toyota Corolla S!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by creativedezign, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I am selling my 09 Toyota Corolla S... ($16,000) It is a silver exterior with the S package (alloy rims and body kit) and has the black "S" interior that you cant get without getting the package. It is in great condition and has no problems! I made sure the oil was changed every 3000miles, and any other scheduled maintenance has been done to the car. I bought it brand new in April 08, so i am the only owner and have taken great care of it. It has 15,500miles mostly from driving 30min to and from my previous job...
    I am looking into buying a house and could really use the money.

    if anyone is interested please P.M. me and we can talk, or visit the craigslist page below....

    the picture on craigslist isn't my car but mine is the exact same, i will be putting my pictures up soon so stay posted...

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