Selling my NPR Diesel Contractors Dump--What do you think it's worth?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Bob E G, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Bob E G

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    I am going to sell my truck locally in Wisconsin and I am wondering what you would expect to sell it for, if it was yours. Thanks in advance. Please see specs and pics below:

    2003 Isuzu NPR HD Dump Truck

    Miles 126K
    GVW 14,500
    ENGINE Isuzu 4H31-TC 4.8L Turbo Diesel 175 HP
    TRANS Automatic
    BRAKES Hyd
    BODY 11’ Knapheide Memberless Contractors Dump /c Fold-Down Sides
    And perfect bed--body was new in 2012

    HOIST Knapheide HR540 Electric over Hydraulics (New in 2012)

    Cold AC
    Trailer Brake Controller
    Receiver Hitch
    Custom Large Toolboxes
    Work Lights Front and Back
    2 New Batteries

    CONDITION: Florida Truck--one summer in Wisconsin, Excellent mechanical condition, Body very good, low miles, tires 90%, brakes excellent, everything working, needs nothing, clean title. Excellent Performer, Starts in any weather. Available Now. Great Truck--just downsizing.
    Thanks for looking.

    npr front.jpg

    npr side.jpg

    npr body up.jpg

    npr cab.jpg
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  3. KrayzKajun

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    That truck is awesome. Thats one badass setup for landscaping.
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  4. Bob E G

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    thanks. I appreciate your response.
  5. Porkins

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    That is awesome!
  6. Chris_NC06

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  7. Bob E G

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    I appreciate your opinion. Thanks
  8. Davids Lawncare

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    I just paid 11k for the same truck but it has 173k flat miles on it with just flat bed down hear in Virginia. Yours has a very nice bed on it. I would say 15-18k
  9. Bob E G

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    Thanks for the reply
  10. jeclark609

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    that's one nice truck! I would think 18+ as it's really clean and a diesewl unit with the really nice bed!

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