Selling my Pipe, Parts, and Tools Cheap

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SuperShovel, Jan 3, 2004.

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    Hi guys,

    Need some winter cash and I am going to be shrinking my business a little next year. I have a lot of sprinkler parts and pipe to sell. As well as all kinds of tools and tool boxes, bags etc.

    If you are near Almont (8 miles north of Romeo and 20 miles north of Utica, 35 minutes from Rochester), and you have the green to make yourself some money give me a call. Tom Lange (586) 531 4648.

    6 rolls of poly pipe. 1", 1 1/2", and funny pipe.

    3 Wheel barrows Metal, normal size

    hundreds of fittings, a couple valves, a couple heads

    2.5horse pump motors and casings. 1 brand new casing, 2 motors only used for 1 season.

    pipe fitting for pipe puller, pulls larger sizes of pipe (over 1")


    Also I'm selling a few other tools too.

    Partner 14" chop saw with or without new diamond blade.
    in good condition. 3 years old. Not used a whole lot. Bought
    new for $1,000 + $180 for the blade. Sell for $350 or $400 with
    blade that has only been used twice.

    Stihl hand held blower/vac. Bought for $260. 2 years old. Hardly used. Sell for $100.00.

    Rototiller that needs a tune-up, a pressure washer with deisel furnace, some old aerater I got at a garage sale and never bothered to fix and countless other items in a 70x40 pole barn. Electric guitar and amp. Cd collection.

    Lots of other small tools, tool boxes and etc.

    Also many paver bricks and flagstone for just above free.

    Thanks for looking, feel free to call and stop by. Most of it I wouldn't sell but the money will serve me better for now.

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