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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by bad93blaster, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. bad93blaster

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    How do you guys promote this and sell this service?

    I haven't been able to really get any traction selling this service. I have been offering this for 3 years and only sold twice one a year hopefully one this year. I've talked to others in my area that offer this but they never sold this service. I have a demo kit that helped sell the 2 jobs I did.

    I would really like to bring this to a level that I'm installing at least once a month.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. kellanv

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    From what I can tell, Billerica, MA is an affluent area so there should at least be a potential market there. You sound like a multi-service company so how are the other areas of your business? Are your reviews good? Do you have a lot of competition? It looks like there is at least one competent lighting company in that city.

    Beyond business logistics, how much time have you spent learning about lighting techniques? Do you sound knowledgeable and confident when talking about lighting or is it more of a "hey what about lights?" approach?
  3. bad93blaster

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    I feel like I'm pretty knowledgeable. I have about 40+ hours of education from site one courses.
    My company started as plow company grew into lawn installs and took on some maintenance to keep guys busy. There is only one real competition in the area. Billerica is a blue collar town but every town it touches (7) house's start at $700k. So I feel the market could be around me I'm just having trouble getting in front of it. Lighting isn't that popular around here yet.
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