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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TBLC, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. TBLC

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    A LCO just called me and ask if I was still cutting an ex-client. I said no, and he said, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping on anyone’s feet. I said, No prob, go to town.

    You see, I had to let go 13 of my clients this Spring, because I got a new job, and wasn’t going to have time to cut them. Everyone was nice, Paid on time, and let me do my own thing. Now here’s my question.

    The LCO above ask for my list of ex-clients and said he would PAY for them. Can you guys give me and idea of what I would charge him? I already told my clients I wasn’t going to be cutting them this year. They all were small yards, About $20.00 a cut. And cut on average once a week.

    So could you guys give me a hand? Because I have no clue.

    If you need anymore info just let me know. I won’t be far from the computer.

  2. Rev. Crabgrass

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    Hmmm that is a good one. I have no idea what you would want to do. I would just go for a couple of cases of beer and a big steak, but I would give someone else's kids away for that too.

    Actually I would ask what he had in mind. He may be thinking of alot more than you are.

  3. qualitylandscaping

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    they are worth nothing unless you already have a signed contract for this season.
  4. rodfather

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    That is absolute bullsh!t.

    A signed contract means absolutely nothing unless it clearly states that the contract is transferable and agreed by all parties (Business Law 101) will tell you that. Even so, the client can back out for the simple fact the contract was made with one company and now they are no longer the service provider...period

    Get real junior.
  5. TBLC

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    Are u getting mad at me or someone elas.. All I wanted was a little info.. If they are not worth anything just let me big deal. Im not makeing any money of the this year anyway.

  6. rodfather

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    Jimmy...I was referring to Steve's coments, not yours.

    Of course you an make some bucks if you take your LCO friend around and personally introduce him to your customers and assure them they will be getting the same great service from him that you delivered. The "handoff" is the key, believe me.

    Good luck btw...

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