Selling the weekly cut???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PAW, Jun 18, 2001.

  1. PAW

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    I am looking for a good approach to selling the weekly mowing service vs the every two week plan. What good pointers do you all use when trying to sell such a contract.

    I greatly appreciate everyones input.

  2. lawnMaster5000

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    there should be alot of great advice if you just search the topic, i remember reading alot of great things taht really make the customer stop to think
  3. joshua

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    tell them the benifits of cutting every week: 1. lawn looks well manicured all the time. 2. a shorter lawn doesn't atract unwanted geust( mice, rodents, ect..) 3. the stress which you will create by taking more than half the blade of grass. 4. the city won't be after them if your contract is set up for every 2 weeks,(the height of the grass, in citys around mine &mine people have to pay fines for such things, not sure about yours though) 5. the price will be so high that they could get 2 cuttings in stead of 1 with a weekly system.

    hope some of these help you out
  4. KirbysLawn

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  5. PAW

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    Thanks to all that responded! I have been supplied with some very helpful advise. Joshua, utmost thanks. I will use some of those ideas on my next customer interface. This is a great online community that has created!


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