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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turfman59, Feb 4, 2002.

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    I have always been thinking about selling to the do it yourselfer as a way to generate revenue without additional labor. one way would be sell the do it yourselfer a package with pipe installed, with a vibra plow of course then basically they would get typically 3 visits from a tech as the job progresses. these appointments would have to be flexible of course, and questions would be answered as the job progresses. the package would include tool rental fees, a detailed step by step guide, and a 800 number to get questions that are small answered right away. with as much as 75% of homeowners installing there own systems{ found that number in a trade magazine} it seems to me instead of fight'em join'em Iam sure My company is a whole lot more suited to answering questions on installations than these alternatives ( Home Cheapo, or SLowes. What do ya think??? If I dont do it who will??? SSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ya
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    Never know what people will try.
    I would certianly try it and see how it works, never know till you try.
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    Selling with no labor??? Your gonna plow and consult 3x and figure out what they need etc. If they want help let them go to the Hunter or RainBIrd or Toro websites and get help. You don't want to sell as cheap as Home Depot or whatever. The mindset of most DIY is that they know what they ned to do and they'll screw it up the way they want to.

    It's a nightmare in the making.
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    Mr fox
    I value your opinion and input on issues so how about this to temper it a little bit. How about i do a do it yourselfer workshop with the purchase price have everyone show up with there plans at my facility and walk them through actual installation procedure. and they will have the working product right in front of them. like if you sold 6 systems it would be great to get everyone to show up for this type of show and tell workshop. I am really thinking that this could even be sold to even people that dont purchase a system but plan to. GOTTA THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.
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    I really like thinkin' outside the box. Problem is my German/Scots/Irish hertitage with PA dutch influence readily stays within even cardboard walls.

    It's just my experience and observation of a couple local guys in the past that DIY's are not good client candidates for contruction and service type folks like us.

    Most of them do it for cost reasons and only a few for pride or personal interest.

    The time wet nursing these folks could be spent in doing what you do best and make the same amount of money with less frustration. You wann do something warm and fuzzy volunteer for a charity were you would truly be appreciated and you'd probably wouldn't end up cussing your fellow man.

    I used to do design/build landscaping, full landscape maintenance, irrigation service and installation and snow removal. Now I just do lawn fert programs and associated stuff, cut grass 1 day with 2 guys and all kinds of irrigation work. Used to be 8-9 of us here. Now there is 3-4 plus me and I sell as much work and make as much money as I did doing more things with twice as many people. I go to the Jersey shore every weekend and stay on my boat May-Nov1. I don't hardly work Christmas to early Feb. I mostly rabbit hunt with my beagles and friends. Life is good and I don't have any DIY!
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    I'm with Harold on this issue. I've been doing this for over 25 years and it never has changed. The classes, I would have to cover so much that client a: and client b:( different municipal codes) would loose interest. HD does these classes and they always screw up.

    Problems that I see:
    They forget you're the expert.
    nickle and dime the project

    I either see cheapo systems or the other extreme over kill on dyi setups.

    This is where I make most of my repair money on.

  7. SprinklerGuy

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    i don't think selling to the DIY is that far off base. They actually make up the majority of the population......if you can find a way to sell something to them you will be pretty far ahead. At least in my part of the country only the "white" collar types call us. The blue collar types muddle through it. Maybe in areas where you do blow outs and turn ons more blue collar people call because of the need for specialized equipment?

    I always thought if there was a way to sell them something, the blue collars, you could make more money. The logistics of it are the problem.

    I wouldnt want to get too close to their jobs myself. I might be willing to sell a package that included trenching and layout for a set price. Then they could add on the tough stuff such as....pvb and timer installation. AFter the initial design, I would walk away. Perhaps even getting the parts at a discount rate for them? All of these things would work, but would have to be set in stone so as to discourage people from abusing you. I think it is a viable deal....I am actually working on something like this already......
  8. HBFOXJr

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    Ok guys, here is a riddle.

    What did the counter man at Century RainAid say this past year when he served 50 or 60 DIY people one nasty summer morning for $700 in sales?
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    I've been doing residentials in NY for years and I hate dealing with do it yurselfers. For most of them its all about saving money, and not alot of money at that.
    In my area the average 6 zone install(4 rots per zone) runs about 2000-2200 complete. When a diy buys the parts themselves it runs around 175.00 per zone or around a thousand dolars. Then u add in the pipe pull, which i hate to do also, but when i do it costs : $225.00 pr 1000 ft plus the pipe. Most of them do not know how to design so i end up redesigning the system for them on the lawn, and flagging it. Another $75.00
    Most homeowners also are not licensed to do the plumbing tap so they must pay my plumber 175.00 and the permit fee of 75.00.
    total cost: $1550.00 and they have all the labor to do and no warrantty. All to save 500-600 dollars??

    The best residential customers are the ones that dont touch a thing and dont mind paying for quality work and good service. Do it yourselfers are the opposite.

    just my humble opinion.
    (P.S. Did I mention I hate do it yourselfers?)
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    About 80% of our installs are Do it yourself.
    We have been doing this for about 2 years and it really works great.
    The main thing is that you have to qualify your customer. He/she has to be the person that does not mind working hard and also has the ability to learn.
    We do every do it yourself system the same way and doing everything the same really helps us to be really efficient at it.
    Her is how the day goes:
    We show up with 3-4 guys at the customers site around 8:00 Am.
    We flag the system and then explain to the customer how the system is laid out.
    We get the customer hand digging across the utility lines, 2 guys start to pull pipe and 1 guy starts the plumbing. Once the customer is done with the locates, we have him/her dig the holes for valve boxes, tees and heads in that order.

    By the time the plumbing is done, all of the pipe is in the ground. The guy doing the plumbing gets the valves in the ground and hooked up. 1 guy starts putting tees in, 1 guy starts laying out parts and 1 guy sits down with the customer and we explain head adjustment, wiring, ect.

    By the time we leave, the customer has 1 zone of rotors in, all properly nozzled and adjusted, water is flowing through all the tubes and the remaining parts are all laid out, exactly where they should go.
    The customer usually has 2 good days finishing up the system bby putting the rest of the heads in, wiring the controller and rain sensor and burying the valve boxes.
    If we hustle, we can get 2 of these systems done in a day, or spend the afternon doing repairs, folow up, bids, ect.
    We make pretty good money on this and are providing the customers with a really good eucation on how thier system works plus they have the satisfaction of doing part of the system themselves.

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