Selling trees to a paper mill


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The thread about working in a paper mill reminded me of a conversation I had with a local lawn guy this summer. He said if you have a tree removal job that if you cut down trees in 5 ft lengths that you could sell the wood to paper mills. Any truth to this? How much can you get? Is it based on weight? Thanks for any help.


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different mills require different trees but lots of them. Charmin(P&G) takes hybird red pine. The contract between the logger and the mill is based on board ft. the contract between me and the logger is based on per tree. I get .28 per tree at harvest. It cost .08 per tree to plant and on average 7 to 9 years to grow a marketable tree. I plant 30,000 trees per year on 2200 acres. You can't get rich growing pulp wood but it does pay your taxes for a couple of days planting. The logging company does the hard part. Note, not all logging companies leave your property in a useable condition. After 10 times through the wet spot with a fully loaded skidder, you have four ft deep ruts. A responsible logger regrades. Selective cutting pays more than clear cuts but you end up with nothing but trash everywhere.


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I think Barkleymut was asking about maybe a "couple" of trees, maybe hoping to at least pay for gas money to the mill. 30,000 trees is a lot of trees!!!

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