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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by thecreativedonkey, Sep 6, 2012.

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    If you are going to invest in Adwords to drive people to your site I would say that it would be money well spent to offer an instant online quote feature so that when customers are on your site they can get the info that they want such as the services that your company provides as well as the price you would charge for there property. This is possible by using Check it out.
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    Tonygreek and everyone else who replied positively with good advice, I appreciate the advice and am slowly making changes to my website as I learn how to code.
  3. thecreativedonkey

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    Thank you acculawnsystems, I'll certainly look into your product.
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    Since this is getting semi-resurrected, I would like to add two more cents. This site is a great example of what happens with pages that don't have a focus. No matter what kind of traffic you drive to a page, it will make no difference if your message isn't delivered in the first three seconds with everything else supporting that message (and a call to action). Like Tony and others, when I first landed on the page, I had a WTF is this moment. Why? because your message wasn't delivered solidly (and quickly), it was overwhelmed by the images in the middle of the page that were making a different suggestion (I thought clothes store initially).

    But it's not the image, it's the lack of your message being the focus and the image supporting that message secondarily. Most web problems stem from not treating your primary landing page like you would an absurdly expensive print piece. Think limited space (above the fold) and limited time to catch their attention and make them want to learn more. If that's not the focus, all other efforts are wasted. Image, copy, sell, convert. you're missing on three of these four with that page.

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