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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MacMitch, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I run a dog park on 12 acres. I have a tractor, blowers, weed eaters, Better Products walk behind ZT mower and I am about to buy a Ferris 3100Z, 61" ZT. The property I am on is part of what was once a 100 acre pony farm. I have been asked to mow more of these fields for the owners of the houses next to my dog park. The school across the street (was part of the same pony farm) has another 30 acres.

    I need large grass areas to train dogs tracking on. The fields in the dog park have people on them from dawn to dusk. The neighbors are paying me to mow their grass and allowing me to track there too. I am thinking about approaching the school across the street. I track there now but whoever is mowing those fields is cutting them too short and killing the grass.

    My problem is I have no idea what people charge to mow hay fields converted to lawns/playing fields. I don't want to get greedy regarding what I get paid. I would like to charge the low side of what a good commercial landscaping company would charge. Since I have the tractor (bush hog, scrape blade, front end loader, finishing mower....) there is other work I can do for these people too (tree removal, spread gravel, wood chips...). All of this work benefits my dog club/park business, because it provides resources I need close to home. I'm good on Excavators, Skid Loaders...too and these properties (located in flood plain) have the occasional need for that type work too.

    Maybe I'm commercial now and just have not realized it?
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    try paying by the hour.

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