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    I've been in business nearly 10 yrs so i am not exactly new to this, but the first several years i only took care of a few accounts. my father in law owned several condos and i told him i could mow for him and save him money while making few bucks myself...with people seeing my equipment in tote Request to service their yards came slowly at first and that was fine with me as i already had a full time job. About two years ago business really started to take off as i was taking on more then just mowing beacuse i had accquired more equipment a little at a time. Last year my wife had lost her job and i decided i needed to make up for the lost income. My business tripled from the previous years without advertising, hard work and attention to detail pays off...good clients that refer you to their friends is better than advertising becuase the potential client has already been told of the quality of your work.
    i am currently looking at expanding my resources so that i can manage to do more work with less effort..

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