Semi Retired and Living in Paradise

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Poopy Shoe, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I have lurked about on these pages for several years. I recently decided I may as well sign up, for whatever you may have in store for me.

    I was that skinny kid with the lawn mower and the gas can making what at the time was a killing after school and on weekends back in the early `70s.

    Fast forward to 1986; I was hired as the head grounds keeper at a 108 hectare federal installation.

    In 1997 I left that very secure, career, government job with awesome benefits to start my own business. I figured the best way, was to quit cold turkey and jump in to the fire.

    I have never regretted that move.

    We discovered this beautiful part of the country while on a motorhome vacation and decided to brig our business here. Google Halfmoon Bay, BC and you will see what I mean.

    We quickly grew to three trucks on the road and a crew of six.

    I eventually tired of all the work required to be the largest lawn maintenance company on the Sunshine Coast (I'll save the details of that for another thread).

    In 2007 we downsized. I couldn't get employees. I kept all my best accounts and let all the rest go to my competitors. In a time when businesses are laying off employees and closing their doors because they have no customers, we let two thirds of our customers go because we couldn't find employees.

    Today we (my wife and I) work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. We leave the house after the coffee pot is empty, (around 10:30) and we are always home for happy hour before starting supper.

    Best of all, we have a customer list our competition would kill for. We make far more in a year than most of the people we know.

    Sorry for the long intro. I hope to learn lots here. I have plenty to share as well.

    And yes, I hate dog poo.
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    Hahahahahaha! I had to click on this when I saw the screen name! LOL

    Dog poop is my Kryptonite. ;)

    Congrats on your success. I'm sure you've earned it.

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