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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by P.Services, May 4, 2014.

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    This seems to always be a well liked topic around here.....trailers!

    Im looking to add a heavy spec tractor to the line up soon for a few reasons with one being equipment and supply movement.

    Moving the CTL , 50D, a few attachments like the harley rake and a tree auger all in one trip would be real nice.

    Trailer would also be used to haul balled and burlap trees so deck space is important. I would like to have as much level deck as possible.

    Heaviest machine i would like to be able to move is a 200 size excavator that i believe is 40k pounds and my 966 cat loader ( old model, not as big as you think) weighing about 30k pounds.

    I know for sure i want to be able to ramp load off the back for the CTL, 50D and landscape tractor.
    I would like a little bit shorter trailer to still be maneuverable in tighter areas also.
    I know i dont want to drop $80k on a trailer!

    So far i am thinking about this Felling fixed neck. Or the fl-80 being the same trailer with a 9' spread axle configuration to haul more weight.

    I know this trailer can handle hauling a 200 on it but im thinking the axles might be over loaded on it according to state law. Im going to ask the dealer to also help me big into this.

    Any opinions?
  2. knox gsl

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    I would look at getting that trailer or similar in 45' to 48'. With trees and several units on it you'll wish you had more deck space. Also with the longer trailer you will get to have better placement for your 200 size hoe and more capacity for whatever your local bridge laws are. With a day cab tractor and this trailer you should be able to carry around 50K lbs.
  3. P.Services

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    I figured with 28' on the main deck and the 10' deck on the neck of the trailer this would be a good comprimise between deck and driveability.

    In the future if hauling trees became a common occurrence i would purchase a 53' tandem axle to be able to run to southern states and snag up loads.

    Yes your right on the tractor, would be a short wheel base day cab.
  4. knox gsl

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    Are you able to run a full 80K on a rig that short without permits? I know interstate travels need it to be longer.
  5. ksss

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    I would get with your State DOT and see just how much trailer length and axles you need to bridge what you want to haul. That is what I have done, they have been pretty helpful. I have run tractor trailers and lowboys. I am currently running a triaxle tag on a 4 axle dump truck. It has been good in the sense that you get max utilization, bad in the sense that, here a 160 is the most I can haul, and it ties up a dump truck. If you could get away with a dump truck and tag I think it is the best use of money. If you keep it moving the lowboy allows the most payload, but it gets expensive if it sits more than its used. I swapped over to the tag when things slowed down some years ago.
  6. hvy 1ton

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    A 200 class machine is 20 metric tons, so they're closer to 44-48k depending on manufacturer . With the kingpin to rear axle length you can get a decent estimation of the max inner bridge length i.e the 5th wheel slid all the way back. With a heavy spec tractor 5th wheel up will need to be up by the front tandem for weight transfer. Take ~3' off the the kingpin-axle length and that will be what you can bridge plus whatever you can manage on the front axle. Hope that makes a bit of sense, got a nasty cold keeping me awake.
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    You should be good on it, get them to add a dump valve to the front axle to save on tire wear.
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    If you are talking track loaders our old 955L is all of 15 tonne I believe
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    No 200 komatsu excavator.
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