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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NCL, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Well here we go, as some of you know I posted a question if anyone was going to the seminar in Washington D.C. a little vague I agree, but what it turned into was something else, anyway here is the update for those that were interested: First Jack Mattingly was the speaker and the only speaker it was sponsered by Lawn and Landscape Mag. and John Deere. Know where on any literature did it say he is a Ph.D so I do not know for sure nor do I care his backround speaks for it self, He started in this industry back in 1976 grew his business to $2 million and sold it to Valley Crest( they are one of the largest guys in the industry) and went to work for them helping trouble offices and starting new ones in different states one was in Atlanta within 2 years maintanence sales were $2 million and install was $35 million.Enough said about his backround. Seminar concentrated on knowing your production hours for everything, mowing ,trimming blowing, etc. knowing the sqft. of all your areas, applying your production rates to those measurements and multiplying by your man hr rate. He was vague on how to come up with your man hr. rate but suggested a book you can get from the ALCA - Pricing for the Green Industry. If your not a member of the ALCA you should be. He also went into tracking time on your crews, Excell spread sheets to help with estimating, tracking your labor a total system for accountability and Profit,and what some of the big boys are doing and systems they are using. All and all a very good seminar.

    To those of you that do not think they need to learn any more here is a quote in the latest issue of Pro by Roger Cook page 33, " In business ownership, the quickest way to failure is thinking you know everything."

    Team Gopher a question for you as a sponser to this site, What did you think of the BS that went on from this first post and how did it make you feel?? If you can't answer that I can understand.
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    First Thanks for keeping your word and updating us. First don't care about Jack Mattingly he made millions but you have know idea what it cost him. his health his family whatever so its hard to compare what he did to someone else unless they were both striving for the identical goals. Also you mention how he helps Valley Crest and the Atlanta office. I have no reason to doubt that but what about his failures ? and I'm sure there were some,He's not gonna get paid the same to stand there and tell you how this office went out of biz or this one loosing millions. As an owner I know my production hrs. I have to, budget x amount of hrs for a projector you had better be right or dam close to it. The same with my man hrs if you don't know your man hrs you have know way of knowing what they can accomplish in x amount of time. In other words he was telling you to know what your percentages are for labor materials etc. and with labor being the most costly and the easiest to cut. There are many good software programs out there for accounting, estimating etc. And your comment on how he told what the big boys are doing what does it matter? the local tg/cl office is spending 1.4 mil a month for advertising how does that effect me except to know I can't match it. These seminars turn out to be go get um boys speeches that make you feel good when you leave but little true useful info. And I think Gopher offers all the software you were mentioning BTW. Please repost in a yrs time and tell what you learned that you could incorporate in your biz. I'm not trying to bash you just curios to find out how you benefited

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    NCL, thanks for the update, I am glad you went to the seminar and found it useful. It's too bad there are so many hardheads on this site who think they know everything. Most of the guys that bashed the seminar are most likely 1 man shows who do not care to grow their business(which is fine). However if you plan to grow your business these seminars are very useful. Even if I did know everything i would still attend these types of seminars simply for motivation or the possibility that there is a new or different way of doing things,.

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