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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Premier_Lawn, Mar 3, 2007.

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    I'm looking to start offering installing water gardens. Now i read a thread where someone had asked the same question and one of the replies was to go to a "seminar before you screw something up". haha i thought that it was very well put. Now i like to do my research first so i don't screw up and upset a customer. Now I'm not new to installing water gardens i work with a landscaper who install them a while ago but i was only on like 2 or 3 jobs that we started and the owner had i have an idea of them. I just wanted to really get some more knowledge and take either a class or a seminar if they even have them. So if anyone has any info i live in CT and would be willing to go through out New England. Thanks in advance for any in-site
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    call bisco in east hartford conn,they are having classes and a build a pond day,class is on march 20th 1-888-522-9182
    ask for matt
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    Hey thanks for the info thats why i love this site
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    anything comin up in 07? or early 08?

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