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  1. Premier_Lawn

    Premier_Lawn LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone know if there are any seminars in the New England area for landscaping or shows for that matter just to get some new ideas and always to learn something new. Thank in advance.
  2. AGLA

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    You just missed New England Grows back in February. That is a very large trade show with lots of seminars available as part of the admission. I went to a local one on Cape Cod two days ago.

    There must be a Ct. landscape association, or nursery association website that should have some listed in your area.
  3. Premier_Lawn

    Premier_Lawn LawnSite Member
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    Ill check it out...thanks for the info
  4. StBalor

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    It would be nice to have an upcoming seminars section on the site. Members could post when they hear about them or sponsors or manufactures could post them. Lawnsite maybe could find away of contacting the event planners and let them know they can post their upcoming events.
  5. Premier_Lawn

    Premier_Lawn LawnSite Member
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    Hey thats not a half bad idea. I mean it would be a benefit for everyone, seminar classes would be bigger, sponsors would be happy, and i mean most of all we would know where and when these things are. It seems like a win win. I think you should email the Big Man on the site and tell him to get it going. :cool2:

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