Sending out 2013 renewals

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  1. garydale

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    We have the following notice on "every" piece of paper our customer receive from us.
    (Estimates, invoices, late notices, statements and newsletters.)In Red ink on the bottom.

    "Please remember all lawn service companies programs continue year to year, like your utility services or telephone until you cancel them. A note or telephone call is sufficient. Thank You
    ***Further, your per application costs are based on completing the whole program. Any reduction in the total
    number of treatments will increase the remaining treatment cost by 10% for each treatment dropped."
  2. pinto n mwr

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    DA, I switched companies, your inlaws still need service? Let me know. The company I now work for sent their 2013 renewals with their last round apps.
  3. Chilehead

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    I did my price increases in the early spring of this year. I will not be doing increases for 2013, yet. The cost of doing business will have to go up another 10% before I do a price increase again.
  4. lawn king

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    We renew every year (letter/form). Letter goes out january 1st. It is time consuming and expensive, however, the client feels like more than just a number. It also gives us the opportunity to directly market additional services and update our records with new phone numbers and emails. We also enclose a business card for referrals. Annual renewal letters work well for us, we always add new clients as well as sell substantial aerations etc!

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