Senior Citizens kill me


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I had this old lady for nearly 12 yrs to loose her over 5 bucks to guess who. I can count 100s of times I've heard the stories of how Greenspan is killing the senior citizen benefits and yada yada freaking yada for YEARS. The funny thing is that I've raised everyone in that subdivision successfully over the winter except for here, and you w/ seniors in the same hood know they gossip. In fact, It was her friend who informed me of what happened. She didn't even call herself. I skipped her all together and we haven't spoken yet.

Some people are so stupid. I wanted to ride over and ask for the guys # so I could hire him seeing as I've been through 4 in as many days.

When Seniors ***** I want to say "what in the hell do you think I'm working for? a can of peanuts, and a t.v dinner for my kids on friday night?" Sorry for the rant, I had to get it out and see if anyone else has customers like this.



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Long Island, NY

We all have customers like that! Best to keep it to yourself though. Hope you feel better after venting.


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I dont know, I have a lot of senior women customers and I never- ever get one bit of crap out of them. I went up 15% on all of them this year and not a peep from any of them. Some of you might be thinking that I was too low to begin with therefore, no complaints. Let me assure you this is not the case. If it weren't for my senior clientele, I'd be out of business.

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