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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ronslawncare, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. ronslawncare

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    i just got a new customer whos on a budget so she asked me for a senior discount it was a average 30 cut i took 5.00 off .does any1 do this i try to stay away from this but i cant help to feel bad .at least its a weekly account.i have a couple of seniors that pay full price but are bi-weeklys which messes up the schedule a little bit but there good people so there worth many of you guys offer seinor discounts .....
  2. mowerman90

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    Maybe it's because I live here in Spring Hill FL (God's Waiting Room), or maybe it's because I'm just tired of hearing them all whine about being on a fixed budget all the time, but I feel that everyone should pay the same amount. I don't give senior discounts and never have. When they ask for them I reply that I'll start giving them when I can get a "middle adged with kids discount" at my favorite restaurant. Most of the ones whining and begging for the discount have new Crown Vitorias and Cadilacs sitting in their garages, then they jump into them and drive down to the travel agent to book a cruise to Alaska.

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    How about going in to do an estimate for a senior, over price it by $5.00, then tell them you are going to give them a "SENIOR" discount of $5.00. Now your getting what you should be getting and everyone is happy! JUST A THOUGHT.
  4. Island Lawn

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    Now that's not being very honest xman!LOL

    What if the little old lady finds out she's paying full price?
    You tell them 5 bucks off, they will laugh and ask for 10!
    You have entered their bidding war!

    To paraphrase Grassmaster,
    Just be a pro, and get respected like a pro...

    What do I know?????
    This is the internet!
    People will tell you anything!
  5. turfguy

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    yea I give a senior old lady is on the every other week plan. she has a very small lawn and I can knock it out in about 20 minutes. 25 bucks she has no life.
    you should see her smile when I pull up on fridays ..."hi mark want an ice tea?........well I cant be a ***** my whole life can I ? i
  6. guntruck

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    I know that it sounds kind of harsh, but if we were to worry about everyones hardships and misfortunes and budgetrs and so forth, then gave them a discount for this, then we wouldnt be in business very long. However, it doesnt happen too often, but if i have an estimate for an elderly person and its on the way to another accountor real real close i will drop the price mainly because i feel its being fair and helping somewhat at the same time. I too have a bleeding heart at times =)...
  7. joshua

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    back to my story of when i gave a lady a break. i bidded what could be a $25 lawn at $17 and the first cutting free. i geuss you could say a senior discount and alittle more. great lady my father knew her husband before he passed away. and she didn't care how much i told i would cut the grass for as long as i did it because of my father being such a good friend of her husbands. well turns out now i cut her sisters( for what its worth), and she picked me up another lawn. and she says anytime she sees someone she knows and they mentions grass she tells them about me. also, she always smiles when we pull up and offers us drinks without even asking. i don't care if i should be making more when i cut this lawn, just the thought of making someone else happy that i don't know very well pays me more than i could ever ask for.
  8. bobbygedd

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    call me a sucker but yes, we do a little cheaper for seniors who are legitamately hurting for cash, and people with disabilities. dont get me wrong, when grandpa pulls the mercades out of the garsge so that he has enough room to get his jaguar out, he doesnt get a discount. your financial situation, not your age, will qualify u for a discount. i had one customer who was dying of cancer, i cut his lawn for free for 2 years. i do believe in lending a hand, sometimes u have to forget about the almighty dollar, and remember the almighty.
  9. Nope.
    I just try to treat everyone fairly.
    Like they say "Treat your business like a business or you're out of business."
    Advertising "senior discounts" to gain a little PR would be OK, but then that's business. IMHO
  10. awm

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    why does this post sound familiar.take care of the elderly.
    you are headed there just as fast as the minutes can tick off
    the clock. you be there sooner than you think.

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