Senior Gardener Wanted in DC

Discussion in 'Employment' started by MarcSmith, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Full-time year-round position

    Senior Gardener

    Position Summary:
    Serves as a working team leader in support of the Grounds/Landscape section for the purpose of enhancing overall campus beautification and maintaining a safe, clean, functional and attractive living and learning environment.

    Organizational Characteristics
    This position reports directly to the Landscape Manager along with other 2 Gardeners II, 6 Gardeners, 9 Laborers, and 1 Equipment Operator positions. The nature of this position’s role within the organization is to schedule and perform landscape maintenance, snow and ice removal, campus-clean up, irrigation maintenance and repair, landscape installation and the operation of all grounds equipment in order to promote campus safety, aesthetics and distinction. Instructs and trains personnel under his/her supervision in the use of a variety of equipment and tools used in landscape maintenance.

    Principal Accountabilities:

    Serves as a working leader to perform all grounds and landscape maintenance and various other grounds related tasks. Instructs and trains personnel under his/her supervision in the use of a variety of equipment and tolls used in landscape maintenance.

    Serves as a team leader, responsible for coordinating and performing duties within assigned zone to ensure that team goals are met. Leads and offers technical assistance to other Laborer positions on staff.

    Serves as a working leader to perform all tasks related to installation of landscape materials and irrigation maintenance and repair.

    Ensures that assigned area is clean. Coordinates, instructs and assists team members in removing trash and recyclable materials from the designated building drop points, outdoor receptacles and grounds.

    Safely operate all grounds equipment including mowers, edgers, blowers, vacuums, tractors, etc. Instructs staff on safe and proper equipment operation. Monitors equipment maintenance needs to ensure proper performance. Operates irrigation systems, identifies irrigation problems and performs and/or coordinates repairs and winterization.

    Assists in the coordination of and performs snow and ice removal of campus staircases, ramps and walkways. Remains available for weekend and overtime work as scheduled or needed for snow removal or other assigned work.

    Incumbent duties assure that the campus grounds are safe, functional, clean and attractive for students, faculty, staff and guests of the University. Complete and thorough performance of the duties can assure that the associated areas are well maintained. Incumbent must perform maintenance and new installations in a timely fashion in order to allow users continuous access to campus areas. Poor workmanship will not only leave the grounds looking poorly but can also be unsafe for those traversing the campus.

    Incumbent interacts with the University community daily as work is performed in outdoor campus spaces adjacent to the walkway system and open areas. Inclement weather directly affects interaction as sidewalks, curbs and streets must be maintained for rapid access.

    Fiscal Responsibility:
    There is no direct fiscal responsibility for this position. However, the incumbent must keep accurate records regarding the use of fertilizer, seed and chemicals (which could be ~$5-10K annually). Additionally, the incumbent must use expensive equipment to perform work (which could be ~$10K annually). A complete understanding of the operation and use of that equipment is necessary to ensure that machinery will last for its projected life.

    Physical Working Conditions:
    The incumbent duties require physical effort to include heavy lifting, pushing and pulling and excessive crouching, stooping or lying in the prone position. The duties will involve intense strain on incumbent’s sight and hearing. Duties will generally be performed in a non-sitting position. Incumbent must have high manual dexterity. Effort is exerted regularly for sustained periods of time and strain may be intense for frequent to moderate duration. Incumbent will experience prolonged and frequent exposure to dust, grease, extreme temperatures or severe outdoor weather conditions.

    Requires one to five years of grounds and landscape maintenance experience, at least two years of which were as landscape lead man or crew leader.

    Technical Qualifications or Specialized Certification: Requires valid and current driver’s license from Maryland, Virginia or District of Columbia with experience /skill in the operation of pick-up trucks, tractors, skid-steer loaders, all-terrain vehicles and specialized grounds maintenance equipment desired. Knowledge of most common plant material and names and where to find information of those not familiar. Knowledge of work methods, equipment and procedures to assure health and safety standards and precautions are in compliance with District of Columbia, EPA and OSHA regulations and requirements. Capacity to work in seasonal weather conditions and the ability to lift and carry 50 pounds.

    Current union starting wage is 12.73 per hour
    13 holidays, 10 vacation (+1 for each year of service up to 20 total days), Sick leave 12 days

    Postion is not posted as of yet...Current job holder retires on Jan 3...

    more info
    call or PM 202 687 1053
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    Can you really fill that position at that wage? If so you are magic.

    I have heard that DC is an expensive place to live. How do they expect you to get a qualified candidate at that pay rate?

    My entry level labor makes that much. with better benefits. I don't envy your position, good luck with that.

    Please let me know if you think I am off base with my comments, but this sounds like a minimum 16-18 per hr job to me.
  3. jojoleafsfan

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    Could not agree with you more AZ, up here at the univ.of Victoria a job like that starts at the $21or $22 range plus all the benefits, sick days, holidays, medical,dental,and a great penison after 20 years.
  4. MarcSmith

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    Is the wage on the low side....maybe....when I worked at tglc our starting wage for laborers was in the 7-8 range....and that was in Northern VA Ashburn Area. Just as pricey as DC and a bit harder to find cheap housing.

    You also have to remember that this position does not recqurie the individual to meet alot of the production and fiscal goals and responsibility that you would recquire of a crew leader who drives around hauling equipment for 50-100 miles each day and visiting 20-30 different sites.

    The campus, although trying at times is only 120 acres or so....

    Will I fill the position. Yeah. will I get someone that I can turn the campus over right away when I go on vacation? No... Will I have to "settle" ??? Probably.
  5. gardener

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    maybe a starting wage of 15.00 to 16..00 for 30 day review, then 18.00 to 19.50 for one year. you get what you pay for.
  6. Getting any good applicants?
  7. MarcSmith

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    Oneof my garderenes who had left a year ago who is very capable is interested in returning, and I have a person who applied, who worked for care of trees, Head gardener with american Golf Corp. and several other local companies.

    I'm hopping to bring her, yes you read right, her, in for an interview in the coming weeks.

    My only concern is the interaction between her and the latin crews. Most latin guys don't take direction well from women...

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