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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 3, 2007.

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    What makes a senior member?

    I am not a "senior member". Most of are not. We're just asking for help.

    Personally, I have experienced "negativity" on this forum from time to time.

    Some of these negative and "unhelpful" comments were posted by "senior members".

    I am a graduate horticulturist.

    I started with the "original ChemLawn" in 1978.

    I currently own my own business (since 1990) .

    Current count of "chemical" customers = 3000. (we subcontract the mowing, etc)

    My company is our State's largest "Independent" lawn care company (not a franchise).

    Our lawn care program was developed by our land-grant University, and they continue to support our recommendations. Even on local television.

    Perhaps because I was raised by Depression-Era parents on an Iowa farm explains my disdain for the snide comments I see on this site.

    This disgusts me -- especially when they come from "senior members".

    Examples: "You posted that before". "You should know better". "Did you expect anything less". etc. (all posted by "senior members")

    I truly appreciate most of the comments/help form the majority of senior memebers, but "some" I question...

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    post count
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    Some people just Suck i guess.
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    Something to think about... Post count is not a measure of intelligence.

    However with that sort of credentials American lawn has he should be willing to share his knowledge - he would have a lot to offer. The thing about a forum is difference of opinions due to things such as geography or regional preferences. The other thing is personalities of each person here. Think about the people you deal with on a day to day basis in face to face transactions.
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    Wow! That's impressive. If you have that much knowledge and experience, I'd really appreciate it if you'd go to my thread titled "Please identify this" and tell me what that is in my photograph. Thanks. I sure could use your help.
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    wah wah wah wah
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    Americanlawn: I'm not a "Senior Member"--just a Senior of 60 years. I've been at this longer than most have been alive. That said in defending the "Senior Members" here. So many of this questions that get those comment that you mention could be answered by just calling a local garden center. Many times people are just lazy to call them or visit them and talk with them about their immediate situation or problems. It easier to just type and expect a quick resolution. These guys are out every day making their client proud of their yard, making the applicators proud of their work. Work that involved lots of study, lots of gleaning from other pros, lots of research on chemicals and their interaction with other chemicals, soil, and invironment. Making many trips to the shows in the spring meeting with reps on the current state of the profession. Then at the end of the day, check in on the site and see someone asking about simple matters--it's disturbing. I have a good nature and always try to ask my stupid question to the other pros here via PM's. All of us have questions--but there's a way to handle them. I'd advise the one time question homeowner to explore the garden center. These guys are pros and deserve some respect.
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    Message board etiquette died here a while ago. Mots of us "seniors" left when the homeowners & illegals started permeating this board rather than the correct one.

    A bunch of us lobbied for a "Licensed Applicator" check but the request fell on deaf ears.

    Moderators have their own opinion about moderating.

    I think that the "senior" thing is calendar based?

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    its just a title nothing more

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