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sentar mulcher kit

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I just put a mulching kit on my new Wright Sentar (48") and I am having trouble with it leaving a windrow on the discharge side of the deck. It has the solid plate with the curved piece underneath to form the rest of the deck on the discharge side plus 2 other baffles in the middle. I am running the regular blades that come on the mower which is what Wright said they use with the mulch kit. I mow 90% bermuda grass. Anyone know what might fix this?

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I have a 61 Sentar and mow mostly St Augustine grass but have a few lawns that have a lot of wild Bermuda in them and it mulches them beautifully. It is my understanding that the factory mulch kit from Wright is not much more than a block off plate. My dealer fabricated my mulch kit and it includes baffles that completely surround all 3 blades. You can PM me and I'll give you his number if you wish. He could fix you up with one of his custom kits.
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