Sentar now in 36" size, stander in 32"?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Dec 29, 2004.

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    Browsing the still archaic looking Wright Mfg. website, I noticed that they have a listing in the channel partner discounts section for a 36" deck sentar "sport" (and also a 32" stander, btw) But zero info on either on their main website.

    You'd think a new product rollout might warrant a few words. If not for the enthusiastic comments from users, I would have probably marked this brand off my list already since they just don't seem to have the level of support and marketing for their products that I'd expect.

    I am restarting my biz in a market with lots of 1/4 acre and smaller lots and a 36" stander or sentar might be a space-efficient addition to the fleet for those small lots with lots of turning to do. Using a stander primarily for only one type of lawn (bermuda) I might be able to live with the fixed deck.

    Anyone have any photos or info on these products?

    Finally, anyone have much experience with them mulching since the new factory mulch kits were made available?
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    Get a stander. The current 32,36, and possibly 42 inch models use the new narrow platform so they have wider tires (less ruts,big plus). We LOVE our stander.

    Check my past posts for pics of standers cut.


    P.S. Give them a break about updating thier website...they are a smaller company than the big guys who are constantly updating thier site.
  3. brucec32

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    I am definitely going to try to find a dealer who will let me demo one extensively. The rutting problem was a major concern before. If that's gone it's back in the running. It'll be either a stander type mower or a small ztr, my wb days are over.

    I give them a hard time a lot, actually, but that's because unlike some companies (Exmark) they don't seem to want to listen to feedback at all and take what I think is a pretty arrongant position in many of their posts and replies to customers. And when guys here who are one or two employee companies and who gross less than $100,000 a year have better and more informative websites they made themselves with over the counter software in a day or two's time, I just had to say something. Wright grosses that much per day, probably much more. You'd think it'd be worth spending a few hundred bucks to show your product in its best light. Especially with such a sparse dealer network. 30 mile trip to the closest one when I lived in Atlanta, and they had exactly ZERO units available to demo on the day I was there.

    I noticed they have actually removed the few photos of the products in action that they had there previously.

    They have bandwidth to show the "velke turn" on a low volume machine, but nothing of the stander in action? It's 2005 almost. I've seen better Advertising from Ebay sellers. Innovative designs deserve better. I have been mowing for 14 years and have yet to see one demonstrated other than glimpses as I drove by a few on the road.

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