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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ccl, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. ccl

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    I don't know much about these mowers, other than what I've read on their website, Was wanting some feedback on cut quality, clipping dispersal, wet conditions and how well they perform on slopes compared to walkbehinds and ZTR riders, just looking at them they would seem to be a little top heavy. I have a local dealer who carried them for about a year and a half, but stopped carrying them after a dispute with a company rep., he has a sentar 23hp Kaw 52" deck 05' model that he owns himself, he priced it to me for $4500 it has 180 hrs on it, is that a decent price on one of these? He also said that would include the remaining warranty too. Could probably get it a little cheaper and could take it for a couple of days to demo, but this time of the year isn't really a good time to demo mowers to see how they perform in different conditions, so any of you guys that have experience on these mowers please give some feedback
  2. Bel Air Bob

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    If it were in MD, I would probably snatch that baby up at that price. though I would want to demo it some first, never actually cut w one, but have been thinking of buying one.
  3. lawn and stump

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    I have been using Sentars for years and they are not top heavy.They cut great
    I use 25hp 61" cut and buy a new one every year and sell my oldest machine
    I own 3 and have a 540 hour used one for $ 4200
  4. Willofalltrades

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    Turf did a field test on them a little bit back. I believe they were liked.
  5. Outdoor Works

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    I have a 61" with the 25 Kawi. Within the first 20 hrs a coil on the motor went up. Since then I have gone through two deck belts and two hydro belts( only have 108 hrs on it total) The dealer has replaced the hydro belts under warranty and the second deck belt under warranty. The first one they tried to say that it was the way I was probably mowing. They have provided no explanation as to why the belts keep going up except maybe a bad batch of belts from Wright. As far as cut, they cut well, but I think they may scalp a little more than some of the other mowers I had. I have'nt used anything else that performed as well as the Wright on hills, and is the most maneuverable 61" mower I've ever used. Also worth mentioning is the ride quality. If you have a bad back and are tired of conventional zero turns bouncing you around, then this is the machine for you. Great Ride.
  6. Rick414

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    I have a 52 inch, 25 HP Sentar that I bought last week for just over $8200, and I love it so far. I also use a 54 inch Hustler and 2 Proline 44 toro mowers, with a 21" honda for small areas. We are grinding leaves and some mowing right now. Some yards are still growing strongly, depending on the grass type. The Sentar cuts well and eats leaves several times faster than the Hustler or the Toros. I have not bagged leaves in years and simply mow them into top dressing. All the lawns I do that on have really benefited and it certainly beats blowing, raking, vacuuming, and hauling, in my opinion. I have run my time against others with bigger crews (I have 2 sons who help me) and we are doing 2 for one or better against bigger outfits. I base the charge on the my regular mowing time, so if it takes twice as long, it costs twice as much. We normally do 137 yards a week and now with the leaves and gutter cleaning, are on a 2 and half well schedule, but that keeps the average cost the same for most folks.
    The sentar is really stable on slopes, with a bit of practice. I particularly like being able to sit or stand comfortably. It does not reach out as far under bushes and limbs, since the engine is on the deck, but the compact size is a big plus. We use velkes and are good at backing up normally, but the sentar backs faster than any of the other mowers goes forwards, and that helps when trying to direct leaves or clippings in one direction.
  7. lawn and stump

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    I run the Mamba mulching blades from J thomas on my Sentar
    They are real thick and have a decent air flow for blowing leaves.
    They mulch real fine in reverse.

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