Sentar Sport homebuilt bagging system

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by WJC, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I got to use it on about 4 clean ups last season, and this season I have already used it on a couple lawns due to the drought we've been in a lot of leaves have dropped. But so far this thing has worked really good. When the leaves are dry, you can run the blower at a slow speed and it still works fine. When the leaves are wet, you run it full speed. I have a piece of tarp inside the cage on the front side and the top, so the dust does not blow toward me. The Leaf Gobbler that I bought from Wright covers me in dust(and pisses me off). At this time, I cant think of anything that I would do different, but if I come up with something as I use it more, I'll post it.
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    Great, Thanks.
  3. lifetree

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    I just need to add my congratulations to your ingenious idea and craftsmanship !!
  4. flatlander42

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    I want to see a picture of it dirty and full of leaves!
  5. Jusmowin

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    How about a video if you have time!
  6. MnLefty

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    I will have two of these units in action sometime this coming week...

    The guy who built it has been working on various evolutions of the design for a number of years now... ever since he got his first Wright Stander. I was intrigued when I first saw it, then I met him on a few properties to demo and was extremely impressed, then brought him to some of my properties to show my guys who are hard to impress and they loved it.

    I can honestly say this unit out-performed our Walkers side by side...

    Some big selling points for the vac:

    - No moving parts/things to break. There is no impeller, the blower forces the side discharge up the chute.
    - Can be completely removed from the machine within a minute or two. The hopper slides in and out of the black mounts, and the boot and blower is held by a pin, in the same manner as a side bagger.
    - The bar/handle on the top-back pulls up then swings the entire back out to dump from the platform, dumps clean in seconds without getting off.

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    Sorry, I thought my previous post was going into a thread that actually linked to this one...
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    Nice work, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go and build something =0)
  9. djagusch

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    My rep told me about this also. Going to get one next year.
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    How much did this cost you?

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