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    How does the quad lever steering system work?
    Are you able to raise the deck from the driving position or do you have to walk around to the front?
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    Dylan- Our Patented Quad Lever steering allows you to have precise control in forward, reverse and Zero turning while keeping a secure grip on the mower. The controls for forward left and right are on one side of the center stationary bar while the reverse left and right are on the other side. It's important to be able to have ahold of the center bar at all times while controling the mower because it gives you stability and a referance point. Other mowers with similar controls don't give you the reverse levers that should move "toward" the center stationary bar when reversing. This means that you have to pull back on the ones you use for forward. You can not hold on to the bar doing that. It would be like driving your car over bumpy ground without the heel of your right foot touching the floorboard. You would not have precise control of the gas pedal.
    The Sentar controls are the same as our Stander controls.

    Yes the deck lift is operated from the driving position.
    You would be amazed at how easy and quick you can change the height of cut.
    See the pictures on our web-site.
    After getting to the Sentar page, click on the upper left Sentar picture to see more features and then click "next page" to see a close-up of the height selector.
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