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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LoveMyDomain, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. LoveMyDomain

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    This offer is limited to the first ten (10) lawnsite.com members who sign-up.

    Click here to start SEO services for only $39.99!

    For this one time only we are offering our 100% guaranteed search engine optimization services for the absolute lowest initial investment we have ever offered!

    For this price you get our complete account setup, six target keyphrases, thorough site analysis, keyword and competitor research and analysis, directory submissions, links packages, site map, ongoing recommendations regarding site content to achieve all SEO and internet marketing goals, reporting, our Get Found Online package, and much, much, more...

    Our monthly ongoing SEO services are guaranteed to work or you don't pay!

    Here's the fine print on how it works:

    1. *The setup fee is actually a one time fee of $139.99 but we ask that you only start our service with a minimum investment of $39.99.

    2. Once you see a few results and your site ranks at least in the top 30 search results for any of your keyphrases we will invoice you for the remaining $100.00 balance of the setup fee at that time.

    3. The monthly investment of $149.00/month is only billed to you only if you see amazing results - meaning that if during that month your site appears on page one (in the top ten search results) for one of your selected keyphrases then your investment for that month would be $149.00

    4. As fair compensation for our tremendous efforts as we work towards your top ten goal, we bill a significantly reduced amount ($99.00) for any month in which your site appears in the top 30 search results but fails to reach the top ten.

    That's it! It's really that easy and that simple!

    This is a great opportunity to try our great service and experience our great results before you invest your hard earned money. Here is the promo code and link which you can use to sign up for this amazing offer:

    Click here to start SEO services for only $39.99!


    Again - this offer is strictly limited to the first ten members to respond (sorry).

    - Scott
  2. willowick

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    I know you're an advertiser but can you talk a little about what the ongoing monthly fee gets you? EG - you do the Directories and FB. You keyword the Directories for the one that fits their DB categories and then niche the others with longtail key phrases...what else do I get for the $$?
  3. LoveMyDomain

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    Great questions. SEO is an ongoing process requiring numerous tasks to be completed and repeated over again. We analyze every site and try to remove every obstacle to effective SEO. We constantly analyze and re-evaluate keyword usage, competitors, positional changes, and also do a decent quantity of manual links, web content, and entries every month.

    However, your question is virtually made irrelevant by the fact that we only get paid for RESULTS - not tasks. We will do everything we can to get your website into the top search engine results - and then do all that is required to keep you there - because otherwise we don't get paid.

    Also, most companies assume that once they succeed that they will stay there but maintaining that position requires effort also because competitors will be trying to leapfrog your position.

    If you're ready to shell out the $39 to give it a try then...

    Click here to start SEO services for only $39.99!

    Hope that answers your question(s)!
  4. willowick

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    Thanks, that does answer my questions! I was mostly looking for the mention of offsite content and onsite optimization which you've seemed to address. Looks good.
  5. tonygreek

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    Is this guarantee based on the average of a variety of search engines, or specific to getting one of us to the 4th page of Google? Thanks.
  6. LoveMyDomain

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    Great question! I'm surprised that more people don't ask that question...

    We guarantee top ten results on the "Big Three" which are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (Technically two because Yahoo and Bing results are virtually identical these days).

    What this means is that if your site appears in the top ten search results on either Google or Yahoo/Bing for any one of your six phrases then we bill you the full monthly fee.

    (We do request a smaller partial payment for top 30 results to compensate us for our continued efforts on your behalf)

    If your site is not in the top 30 natural search results on Google or Yahoo/Bing then we do not bill any monthly fee and we continue our efforts on your behalf.

    On a separate note, this particular offer will probably no longer be available after Friday or Monday at the latest - though we do have other attractive offers (see other posts) that will continue after that time. Take care.

    Thanks again for your questions.

    Best of luck.

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