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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by tonygreek, May 13, 2013.

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    So they're talking about rewarding quality content even more and looking for markers that you're an authority in your space, and that will drive traffic to you? Is there any reason I shouldn't be laughing like a victorious Bond villain right now?
  3. tonygreek

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    I'd say laugh away. Authority looks to continuing gaining weight as the big word for 2013-14. If you start seeing your Google+ posts showing up in the rankings in new, potentially odd places, or where your web site pages normally do, you'll start to understand the value being placed on Authority.

    Case in point, Papercutter is a great example of this as I accidentally stumbled across one of his G+ posts today during a search entirely unrelated to anything "local". It was on page 1 for a competitive, fairly generic industry term that has nothing to do with his service area. If memory serves, I've now stumbled across 3 pieces from various lawnsiters that were in "global" results for industry keywords. Nice work, folks. (PC, remind me that I need a link from you for a project I'm working on. You know, since you're an authority for the keyword phrase I was searching. lol)

    Pro Tip... If you don't already, start carefully watching the market(s) you compete in, paying extra attention as to where you and your competition rank. If you're in a competitive market, I'd go 3-5 pages deep with the results for your keywords, save those to a spreadsheet a couple of times a week, and as soon the next big algorithm change hits, take a look at that same landscape and see how things changed. If you dropped, and your competitors held steady, or rose, do as much recon as you can to see why this happened. Reverse-engineering their site, and looking at their citations and inbound links will give you a pretty solid idea of what you need to do to build rank. If you rose in the rankings, continue whatever it is you're doing, but expand your keyword market via new towns/suburbs and sub-services.

    Basically, just continuing doing what I know you all already do... ;)
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    So does this mean that things like authorship with Google + should def. be integrated into a company website? I have a personal Google + page as well as a company Google + page and a Google Local listing, all tied together. I have been on the fence about adding authorship to my page and what its effect would be, can anyone help explain it? Sorry if its a sidetrack from the OP, but it seems to be one of the bigger changes being mentioned.
  5. Ben Bowen

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    Authorship as a ranking factor is not yet being deployed- from what I understand. It may never be.

    There is a big emphasis, currently, on "Authority building". How does Google know that someone is an authority? Probably a bunch of factors- guest posts on important relevant sites, likes, shares, +1's, mentions, co-citation, etc. You do not have to have Authorship set up for them to figure this out.

    I have authorship set up for every page of my website because I believe having the picture by my results draws peoples eyes. I believe this is especially an advantage now- when only one of my competitors has it deployed.
  6. tonygreek

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    I think it comes down to how literal you want to be with the term "ranking factor". I've been working across a variety of properties with no tags, author tags, and publisher tags. As a marker, I think they're stronger than citations, but you have to look at what Authorship actually entails. It becomes a content trust indicator, and if you're actively authoring content in a variety of places, you're building up your reach, influence, and authority, which all works in concert with your base site or brand. Basically, you enjoy the snowball effect so, while the Authorship might not matter, the very use of it usually accompanies useful content that you're publishing.

    As you point out, whether you add the tag, or not, might not entirely matter as Google takes your name and keyword/content and bumps it up against the other information related to you no different than if you were any other corroborating data piece. With that said, any time Google and Webmaster Tools recognizes a piece of data, it's usually something to pay attention to.

    Basically, if you're getting your content out there, and creating yourself as an authority on a subject (note, I don't say "Authority", but am using it in the classic, no tag sense), you will see the benefits as you expand your reach and subject matter expertise and influence.
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  7. Ben Bowen

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    I totally agree Tony- I was trying to be technically accurate.

    I am all in on Authorship and authority building. And, I think when Google gives us a tool to use, we should.
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    Yup, I was just expanding the conversation. Your efforts are, in a round about way, the basis of much of what I was saying.

    This is as much of an understatement as one can come up with. lol
  9. Ben Bowen

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    Well in that case- Thanks!
  10. inzane

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    how will the new update effect exact match domains? i have a few of those and they have been helpful. I haven't done any link building with the sites besides a post on facebook page, and probably one craigslist ad. I did 3 emd sites totally seperate from my main site, the last one after 2 or 3 weeks was at the top for the keyword i was going for (above the 7 pack)

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