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    PM sent.....
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    Thanks for the compliment, Phil. Now, if you don't mind, I'll kindly ask you to get back to working on the Android version of your app. I pre-ordered the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and would prefer to play with it on that and my phone than the girlfriend's iphone and ipad. :)
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    Haha thanks tony. Have a guy who's working on nothing but Android now. HOPEFULLY before the end of the year.... But you know how that goes. :)
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    in response to your comment about checking out my site stats.. Everything that you currently see is stuff that I have done, along with the add-word campaign.. I just signed up with the SEO company, should start seeing results after thanksgiving due to the little competition.. I was just throwing out a company name for the guy to look into.. I have been looking into the company for 1 year now and finally pulled the trigger after making sure it was the best choice for my company. They have a A on BBB and he will give you a list of about 15 companies that you can call as a ref.. along with talk to you on the phone for hours and tell you every detail that you could possibly know.. just trying to help out!
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    Thanks for the clarification, lkendall. Your original post read more as you're a satisfied client and less as someone who just hired them.

    There have been several people who have posted on here, or pm'd me, asking for input on what their SEO company is really achieving for them. Of those, a few were paying $150-$700/month, being strung along, and actually had nothing accomplished. Jut wanted to make sure this wasn't a path you were going down.
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    Or even worse, like do something that will get you black listed in the long run :dizzy:
  7. lkendall

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    yeah sorry about that, I realized how it sounded after I posted.. Just wanted to pass along someones name that is in the SEO business and has a good reputation..
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    No worries. Would love to hear how your experience goes.

    If people didn't notice, 2 post were deleted from this thread due to the creation of accounts to tout "their SEO guy". lol
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    There is no doubt that Google indexes this site vary rapidly. I think content is king with Google. If I spent as much time writing for my website as I do posting here then would rank much better. :laugh:
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    Good point duke i think im on here a few times a day but I understand the stuff on ls
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