Separate Crews For Separate Services

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by august, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. august

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    We have multiple crews and let's face it, some are better off to just stick to mowing.

    So we've separated the crews that do nothing but one specific duty:

    Weeding the beds
    Tree.shrub apps
    Lawn apps
    Trimming shrubs

    All a 40 hour week per crew of one, two, three or six - depending on the service.

    We've found that by repetition the crews are very good at what they do. Same truck every day, same tools, basically the same route week after week.

    This works well for us.

    Anyone else here do this?

  2. Jpocket

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    It does make things simpler, but I think you would be better off saving trips to the same jobs if the Lawn app guys could do tree/sgrub apps as well. And the weeding crew could do the shrub trimming. I just feel like emplyees should be able to do more than one thing half decent, if nothing else for there own good.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    We did that when I worked for another company, and it worked a lot better overall. I always found most employees tended to not like to 'do it all'. Guys that liked to mow, if you made them trim shrubs, it would be done half-assed and take twice as long as it should. So having task-specific crews worked out better for the employees and for the customers as well.
  4. grassman177

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    we are also considering this approach.

    currently, each crew leader does everything on each property with his crew. all run like personal mini businesses.

    hard to explain. but hope that works for yea

    we are also contemplating this style of crew set up. we find that each crew leader is micro managing each property. now, this is what differs us from every other company, as it is a personal service and the customers get to know the crew leaders well to what we feel is more attentive service.

    i thought maybe though some of the things should be divided and still maintain a very personal service. instead of many types of service crews, maybe a couple or three groupings of service related crews.

    mowing and spraying crews that take care of each aspect of the property. they are more intimant. landscape only maintenance crew to include mulching, planting, weeding, trimming. and further the irrigation crew to do all main and repairs and eventually installs.

    all for a good discussion fellas, i am all in and i think my dad will be as well soon
  5. turfbuilder

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    I only run 2 crews so all my guys are trained on all our accounts and services.
    That way all my guys are familiar with all the accounts. I can send anyone anywhere and have the confidence that the job will be done and be done to the customers satisfaction. :dancing:
  6. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    that is how we operate now, but more than three crews doing this gets kind of difficult. it is hard as it is.

    thinking of making a hybrid of that system and a totally separate maint crew for all services
  7. seabee24

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    There is no magic answer, you just have to run the numbers and see which come out cheaper, and which gets a better job done. I think all employees should be multi skilled....notice I didn't say jack of all trades

    Separate crews is a good thing, but when factoring in travel time, fuel, it might not be so cheap....but then again is your 20k in mowing equipment doing any good sitting on the trailer while that crew trims bushes? I own equipment to make money.......but then again, is it costing you money or depreating that mowing equiptment while parked....odds are no, your still going to get 2000 hours out of a ztr regardless of it working 7 hours a day or 9.

    I like to do both. Mowing crews can weed, and trim bushes....this limits the scheduled mowing for the day or week.....but on a rainy week bush trimming can easily be postponed, mowing can a lighter mowing route can help

    I let the mowing crew do the small jobs, and the larger half or full day jobs the landscape crew does regaurdless of what it is, mulch trimming, or planting. They have more time and are just set up better to deal with a larger job.

    Each situation is different you need to run the different situations in your head and figure out which works best
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  8. grassman177

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    I know, I was curious of if others took our current approach?

    We are certain we could save $ by specialty crews, but the quality usually goes down from what we have seen at other companies.

    That of course is mostly management and I understand that.
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