Seperate Commercial Bids, one street, same Property Manager

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IMAGE, Feb 20, 2008.

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    A Property Management company has send me a bid outline for many properties. They are all in "Clusters", but want each address bid seperate (I assume for billing and tax issues). Every property in the cluster is essentially identical to the ones surrounding it. My question is this:

    Should I bid each property at its price as if I were to only get that one property, or should I bid it at what I would bid it if the whole cluster were one property, and then assign each address an equal % of that total?

    Ex: 5 identical apartments, all on the same block.
    Bid each one at $40 because that is what I would bid one at.
    Or since I could do all 5 in 3 man hours($150), should I bid each one at $30 (150/5)

    The difference in the bid is 25%, that is quite a large amount over 24 cuts and 30 odd properties (5 clusters).
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    I'd probably come down a fair bit to get them all...
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    So, are the clusters 'winner take all'? In other words, if you do one cluster you will cut them all? If so, bid the whole thing and divide by the number of clusters. If the bid could possibly be divided up amongst different LCO's, then bid at the higher individual price.
    Just using common sense...
  4. IMAGE

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    In the past they have all gone to one bidder, but they are all being awarded individually. There is the chance of getting screwed, but it is slim.

    This is an example. 8 individual bids needed.

    Like this example. I see 4 hours. (mowed, everything bagged, trimmed, blown, edged as needed)
    so $200. But really that seems low for 8 apartments at $25 each.
  5. GCLC

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    Could you put a conditional clause in or something? Say $40 for any single unit, but if they'll hire you for all of them you'll do them for $30 each, something like that?
  6. IMAGE

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    GCLC- I have thought of that also. It is more then likely what I will do. That, or I will just bid them at the lower rate assuming I will get the whole cluster, and if they award me only part of the cluster I can still turn it down. Its not like being awarded a bid means I have to take the job, I can pass on it right up until its signed.
  7. greenbaylawns

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    $5,280 seem like a good number to me for the year
  8. shade tree landscaping

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    if each place has a HOA then they are gonna want seperate bids, each HOA needs a seperate bid sheet, b/c they are billed seperate and pay seperate. Now if it is all owned by one person, or one company then I would submit one bid, but break it down by each property so that they can some what see where your numbers are coming from.
  9. IMAGE

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    wow thats even a little lower then my lowest thinking. This is irrigated, fertilized, and must be bagged every time. 24 cuts roughly. (fert app not included in my price-- I am subbing it and submitting the price for fert seperate- as per the bid requests)

    The lowest I was thinking was $57xx on those 8 added up, assuming 24 cuts. (they want a per cut price, so $30 each)
  10. greenbaylawns

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