Seperating The Two Conductors

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    On LV wire I use my strippers and diagonals. I use the diagonals to cut the wire and seperate the two conductors and the stripper to strip the two conductors.

    Does anyone use just one tool to do both? If so, would you mind sharing the details.

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    I can't find just the wire cutters/strippers on the site but I use the ones in this kit - - They have plier like ends and I can just grab one of the conductors with them and pull them apart. On new cable, I can sometime seperate them with just my fingers, on older cable where the insulation has hardened, I'll use the cutter part of these to start the cut and then use the pliers to grab one conducter and my hand to grab the other and pull them apart.

    MEXANDME LawnSite Senior Member
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    Any other suggestions would really be appreciated!


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    I carry some heavy-duty scissors in my pocket along with my stripper.
    I cut about a half-inch between the two conductors and then pull them apart with my fingers.
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    I just use my pair of Klein diagonal cutting pliers to split joint and separate the conductors. Then I use the same tool to cut the insulation gently and strip. I've been doing this for 25 years and can usually strip nice soft new cable without loosing one conductor.

    I never noticed that Radio Shack item.. I'll have to get one and check it out.


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