septic pipe over dig, what to fill hole with.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by CrewCutEnterprises, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Ok, I had to over dig down 3 feet to the septic pipe to relocate the clean out so it was not under the hot tub. Im putting a patio over it at my house. What should I use to back fill the hole around the new clean out? #57 blue stone, cr-6, I know not to use the muddy soil I took out. Im just new to this and want some guidance . thanks
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    It just tso happens that we are licensed to install septic systems in the county I reside.

    I assume you are talking about what we call the 'sewer line', which is the line that comes out of the house and goes to the tank. Usually 4" schedule 40.

    This line, you want to protect, as if it punctures....then you have you know what leaking!

    In our county, the sewer line is supposed to be placed on compacted stone dust. Compacted to avoid settlement. You do not want to use #57's as over time they can puncture a hole in the line.

    And then backfill over and around the line with at least 12 inches of dust. So the dust acts as a barrier.

    Also, this may be a non-issue for you. But in our county the clean outs can not be spaced any more than 75'....................sorry, dozed off there.......In most cases we place the tanks within 75' from the dwelling, so it's not even an issue. But if you tank is sitting far from your dwelling, you may want to be make sure that when you relocate the clean out, that you're not exceeding whatever distance your county code specifies.
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    Well the septic is like 25 feet from the house. The clean out was right outside the house and i moved it like 3-4 feet so I could put a hot tub right next to the house.

    Its septic 4 inch, not on stone dust. Set on the clay soil. I bought all sch 4 fittings then cut it and realized it was septic and had to get fittings to make it work.

    We are puttin the patio over the area I dug in and wanted to make sure it would compact but not too much and definalty not enough to break the pipe.

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